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Meet Zoe, gorgeous Mumma to two sets of tiwns; Theo, Henry, Harlow and Noah, and the babe behind the blessedindoubles brand. Zoe shares her life online and uses the platform to encourage self-love and body acceptance, inspiring women to always uplift and support each other. We chat with Zoe about her twins, their births, her body, motherhood and business. (Spoiler alert – Blessed, the label is coming soon!)

Blessed in Doubles Zoe Fuimaono for Saben Mothers Day series

How would you describe your mothering style?

Loving, affectionate, nurturing. Any chance I get I speak life into my babies, I want them to know more than anything else in the world that they are loved.


Tell us a bit about your babies and what being their mother means to you

Both sets of twins are the complete opposites of each other its so funny and really interesting when we delve deeper into their personalities. Henry our first born is very independent and strong willed but also quick to seek forgiveness when he is in the wrong. Theo our second born is extremely doting and loves to show acts of service to others, he’s a bit of an introvert until he warms up to you then he’s your bestie. Our Baby Girl Harlow who is a little Mini Me and the Princess I always dreamt of having. You will always find her by my side, deep in conversation and with a lip-gloss in hand. And then we have the Baby, our little sensitive soul Noah, he’s the most chilled out dude, always has food in his hand and is constantly shower everyone with kisses and making us belly laugh. Being a Mother to me means teaching them the power of kindness, humility, compassion and acceptance. The only way I know how to do that is to try and model it the best I can. I know I personally have so much growing to do as a mother and I am constantly learning and making mistakes but I want our kids to know it's okay to make mistakes. I always admit when I am wrong, I ask them forgiveness and in turn they have learnt to do the same. I just want to raise children who are set apart to not carry the burdens of today’s world.


Most people go from one to two, talk to us about the going from two to four!

Honestly this might sound crazy but the second time around was way easier than the first! I feel like its no different from a Mama having one baby then going onto her second, its all she ever knew and all we’ve ever known is having two. We had learnt our big lessons from Henry and Theo and we were very blessed Harlow and Noah have been thee easiest babies and still are! Hubby was also home with me for the first two years so I always had help. There were times where we were beyond exhausted but it helped that we were both in the thick of it together and we grew so much not only as individuals but in parenting and as a couple. Our life is full of adventure, there’s always something to do and something going on and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We always joke that we would get bored if there was only one.


Birth is such a major transition for a women, and it often doesn’t go as expected (which can lead to PND) you had to confront some pretty hefty things from your first birth (read more HERE), how did that set you up for the second AND what advice do you have for first time mums.

Becoming a Mother is such a pivotal time in a woman’s life and there is an overload of information out there which can be pretty over whelming for a new Mama. After confronting so many different issues from my first birth having a plan and my birth wishes was the best thing I ever did and my biggest recommendation to every Mama first time or not. I knew exactly what I wanted with Harlow and Noah in every possible scenario planned or unplanned, I wrote out my perfect birth plan and then what I would want to happen if it didn’t go to plan. There are so many things you have no idea about and that you can’t really prepare for till you are in the moment. Make sure your support person knows all your wishes and can stand up and speak up for you when need be. Meditation and breathing was a massive part of my pregnancy journey both times, having a positive mindset and prayer was vital for me. It is so hard not to let fear and doubt creep in because there are so many factors that are out of our control but I think accepting that this is the reality of thing but not letting it consume you was key for me. I constantly envisioned my births and in the end I was very blessed that they happened the way they did.


AND the second time?

My birth with Harlow and Noah was almost like a rebirth for me, I got a chance to do things over again and I really took charge of my pregnancy and birth. I harnessed my trauma from my first birth and used it as fuel to have the most incredible experience at my next birth. I was induced and had a drug free birth with no interventions, I laboured in the water, had delayed cord clamping and had minimal people in the room. It was calm, deliberate and honestly so empowering. It healed me in so many ways and also having that back up plan and knowing that every single person that entered the room knew my wishes kept me at peace during the birth process.


Let’s talk postpartum, what kind of relationship are hoping to have with your body, and where on that journey to do you think you sit at the moment? What are you practicing to get there, AND any pearls of wisdom to impart to a mum at the very start of the journey accepting their postnatal bodies

Postpartum is the most surreal feeling because all of a sudden you have this unrecognisable body and it is so confronting to deal with. I am constantly learning and growing when it comes to my body but to be honest, I can wholeheartedly say that I feel like I am in a great place with my body right now. After I had Henry and Theo, I lost so much weight breastfeeding I was the smallest I had ever been yet I still wasn’t happy with it. After giving birth the second time, I choose to be so kind to my body because I realised how nasty my thoughts and words were over my body and I thought about Harlow when she grew up and I didn’t ever want her to say or think the things I thought about myself. So every morning I look in the mirror at my body and I say one thing I love about my body, I’ve been doing it for over two years now and honestly I’ve never loved my body more than I have in this moment even being 15kgs over weight I am still happy because my mindset has completely changed. I would just say choose kindness and love when it comes to your body especially post-partum.


Having such a strong presence in the social space online, do you feel a responsibility to lead the way with body acceptance, or is it more an effortless part of your being – share and share a-like….


Yes I absolutely feel responsible to help women find some kind of acceptance with their bodies because as someone who has struggled and still has moments of struggle I have always found comfort in reading other women’s testimonies. It is a part of who and sometimes it is a heavy burden as I take what I do very seriously. I still have moments where I feel incredibly vulnerable and old thoughts start to reveal themselves and I think that its very important I share that side too; I never want to sugar coat things. 


Talk to us about what motivates you, as a mother and beyond motherhood

The little moments in life keep me motivated. Being still with God, being present with my Husband and being able to love on my kids. Those are my motivators as a mother and beyond.


What do you do to re-charge

This is so funny but my absolute favourite thing to do to recharge is go to the mall and get a massage. As soon as I sit in that set all my worries go out the window and I just close my eyes for half an hour. So much tension and worry goes when I sit in those chairs.


Blessed in doubles is growing!!! (Congratulations) Talk to us about your new baby – the label; What was the inspiration to start and how far ‘til launch date?

Thank you so much! Honestly, I had no idea how much my life would change when I started Blessed In Doubles just over two years ago, I do feel truly BLESSED! I am so excited to be embarking on this journey with Blessed The Label. This has been a long time coming. The inspiration behind the label came when Henry and Theo were born and I was obsessed with matching them and I always wanted to match with them but I could never find anything. Then miss Harlow came along and it was done, we had to match and born was Blessed the Label. We wanted to be different and for people to feel truly blessed and connected when they wear the clothing. We are also doing 4 pieces of Sentimental precious metal jewellery that is also matching! I have found out how picky I am and how much of a perfectionist I am so things have taken a little longer than I anticipated but we are hoping to be launched in the next 4 weeks.


How do we stay in the know?

You can follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/blessedthelabel or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/blessedthelabel our website is currently under construction.


Now let’s talk handbags – You are wearing Frankie, but Matilda is now on heavy rotation?

I needed a gorgeous little go to bag that I could fit everything in but still be able to have a babe in each arm. The Matilda is actually serving me so so well its nice and flat but with lots off little compartments. I can fit in a couple of nappies and a little wipe pack and also chuck my keys, phone and some lippy, I actually haven’t taken it off. I love it!


Next on your wish list?

The Regan Bordeaux it is so freaking sexy but practical because Hello MUM LIFE RULES!


Ideal Mother’s Day situation (we’ll make sure Junior reads it) 

It would have to be a night at a hotel WITHOUT the kiddies and WITH Hubby, sorry darlings Mama wants a break.

Zoe Fuimaono of Blessed in Doubles wears Saben Frankie handbag

Zoe Fuimaono for Saben Mothers Day Series

Zoe Fuimaono of Blessed in Doubles for Saben Mothers Day Campaign


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