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Saben + YWCA = Future Leaders Charity Lunch at Marvell Grill

September 06, 2012 2 min read

We got together with the YWCA on Tuesday to raise money and celebrate their future leadersprogramme, as well as the start of NZ Fashion week. 100 friends and supporters of the YWCA Future Leaders programme glammed up in their fashionable best to enjoy lunch and shopping rolled into one. As 10 of our best Summer styles went under silent auction. Worknesh, one of the amazing Year 13 Future Leaders, spoke touchingly about her relationship with mentor Roz and how the programme has helped transform her life.   Roanne was also asked to speak about the mentors, and women who have influenced her life. "Growing up inspiration came to me from various women who probably never know how much their words and actions meant to me. My Ballet teacher Mrs Bowen taught me discipline, endurance and that hard work pays off. My Art teacher Mrs Flax gave me the confidence to express my true self. Then there’s the big one. I imagine most of you will feel the same way. Yes Mothers. My mother has taught me the importance of staying true to my dreams, pushing past hurdles, and believing in myself. And she continues to give me strength just by knowing she is there if I lose my way." Saben was named after Roanne's grandmother, Sarah Saben. "She was a lady in the true sense of the word. She sat at her dressing table every morning and did her make-up and her hair. Then she would glide into her walk in wardrobe (in those days I saw this as the height of luxury) and choose her matching shoes, bag and accessories. I remember watching her fascinated by the proceedings. It seemed so deliberate and intense." YWCA raised just on $10,000 for our Future Leaders programme, supporting young women like Worknesh to reach their potential. As one of the affiliated charities for NZ Fashion Week, you can also catch them on Coat Check this Saturday and Sunday and see their limited edition Hailwood t-shirts up close. We are offering a 20% discount to YWCA supporters when you shop online. Just use the coupon ‘SabenlovesYWCA’ at the checkout to claim your discount. We will also donate $10 to us on any purchases made online before the end of NZ Fashion Week. For more images from the YWCA, click here otherwise scroll down for some of our snaps.