• REBLOGGED: Meet Kara

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray


    Move over hand bag! The cooler cousin – the backpack is making it’s come back (pun intended) into our lives.  With babes like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner seen owning this style, we couldn’t help ourselves but jump on the back pack bandwagon as well. Now don’t get confused, we ain’t talking about the big oversized ones you once wore in school. This style is more feminine, effortless to wear and should ALWAYS – bring sass to your outfit.
    In saying that, we found one that ticks all these boxes and more. Say hello to the Kara Backpack from Saben.
    It’s sleek leather detailing mixed with its large draw string opening makes it a no brainer. We also love that as much as it is stylish, it’s actually practical too. Like, sometimes you need just that little bit MORE. More room for a quick change in-between shoots, more room to take food into movies (yes, we do that) and more room when flying to take extra overseas purchases back home with you. Say MORE to life with Kara, our new obsession by Saben.
    NZFW 2017 Serendipity Ave Auckland Viaduct Centre
    Serendipity ave New Zealand
    Serendipity ave
    NZFW 2017 Serendipity Ave Auckland Viaduct Centre
    Serendipity ave New Zealand
    SABEN New Zealand
    Serendipity ave New Zealand
    Saben NZ at NZFW 2017 worn by Serendipity Ave
    SABEN New Zealand
    Serendipity ave New Zealand
    Kara Backpack Saben New Zealand
    Shop KARA here 
  • Elements - AW17

    Posted by Bernie McDougall

    AW17 presents refined silhouettes, rich surfaces and colour for a look designed by nature.

    The creative process for the Autumn / Winter '17 collection began by highlighting the five elements; Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit. 

    Which element are you?


    FIRE - Paprika

    Spirited hues of burnt orange immediately create blatant emotions of power, happiness and enthusiasm. 

    Shop the FIRE edit


    AIR - Mushroom and Porcelain


    In contrast to the color of bright sunsets are varied shades of airy-nudes and grey that delicately illuminate feelings of calmness

    Shop the AIR edit


    WATER - Pacific


    Let the calm wash over you with the deepest blues offer cleansing and a peaceful serenity

    Shop the WATER edit


    EARTH - Military


    Olive green and brown implicative of the earth and nature relate to prosperity, ambition and harmony

    Shop the EARTH edit


    SPIRIT - Black


    Strengthen the wisdom in your heart; Shades of black embrace change- a trait that is necessary for an always-evolving world.

    Shop the SPIRIT edit



  • Mom's The Word - Roanne Jacobson

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray

    MEET ROANNE: Business owner, designer, coffee drinker and mother to Jack, 11 years and Adam, 9 years. Ro shares with us her thoughts on raising sons in a busy world, AND what is on her Mother’s Day wishlist...

     (Roanne carries new style, Gita in black 'bubble' textured leather)

    Best part about being a mother: The quiet confidential conversations and the cuddles.

    Favourite parenting advice you received: It goes fast, so make the moments count.

    What you didn't see coming: How they would destroy my furniture.

    Raising sons in this busy world: Get them outdoors and active.

    Getting that balance between work and motherhood: Balance comes with two big words…Get Help. Your partner, grandparents, babysitters, house cleaners, whatever it takes.

    Values you want to instil in your boys: Hard work, determination, passion and focus and being a good person while following your dreams.

    Your Ideal Sunday: A sleep in followed by coffee and a nice long walk.

    Your own mum: Never sat down. I really didn’t get this growing up, I couldn’t understand how it was that she could never stop and relax. I get it now.

    Mother's day wish list: It’s an bi-annual request to my children that occurs on my birthday and mother’s day… no fighting.

  • It's official - She is about to Pop!

    Posted by Bernie McDougall

    Brooke is on maternity leave as we count down the arrival of her little boy (We couldn't resist sharing)

    The tote pictured above is a sneak peek from our high summer collection. The ultimate carry-all piece every busy women needs. Throw it all in and off you go!

    "I have tote-ally (get it?) put my name down for a high Summer Go-Tote (above) But for something a little more up spec'd for pending motherhood I will be carrying ever-faithful Tilly and pockets-a-plenty Reese"


    "All my bags are throw and go, I get the overwhleming feeling i am gonna need pockets and lots of them - making Reese was an easy choice!! She is understated, light in weight and on top of her comparments, she feature water proof nylon lining and hidden change mat"




    "This part is all mine. No wet wipes here (although the travel pack does fit in BIG SIS #justsaying). It will be reassuring to have my personal essentials locked and lovely in one organised little wonder wallet. Everyone needs a Tilly, baby or no baby" 



  • NEW Poppy!!

    Posted by Bernie McDougall

    Our favourite pouch has landed in the most playful combination of crayon coloured brights!

    Think bright, primary lego colours
     Yellow, rich red and colbalt blue for a standout summer statement.
    The size? Mini is more