Caring for your Saben

We hope to be be by your side for many years to come.

We’ve created an easy to follow care guide to keeping your bag looking as fresh as the day you got it.

Wear with Care

Remember that feeling you get when you’ve had one too many slices of pizza and you feel like you might burst? Our bags feel the same way when you cram too many essentials inside.

We know it’s tempting to cart everything around (kitchen sink included), please do your bag a favour and try to keep the load reasonable.

Our bags are a luxury item and will last a long life if they’re treated right. Overfilling your bag can put stress on the seams, fastenings and straps and distort the shape. Making sure you bag isn’t over-stuffed will ensure it lasts the distance.

Cleanse & Nourish

We all love a good moisturiser, so do our handbags. Using a mild yet effective nourishing gel (we love our Saben Nourishing Gel), will clean and nourish your bag. Applying this cleansing moisturiser every 6-8 weeks (using a polishing cloth) will help restore that ‘fresh from the boutique’ glisten and shine to your bag.

If your bag has picked up marks or stains on its adventures, these can be easily buffed out using our Saben Ultimate Cleanser – it’s tough on stains but gentle on leather and perfect for removing dirt and water stains. Gently rub the cleanser in a circular motion over the area that needs refreshing and voila! Good as new.

Be sure to test your care products on a spot of the leather that’s not easily visible (like an inside seam or pocket) before you go to town on the rest of your bag. Always apply your cleaning and protective products onto a soft cloth and use that to gently cleanse and clean (don’t apply it onto your bag).

Protect your bag

Prevention is better than cure, right? If you give your bag the TLC it needs early on in life, it will stay fresh as a daisy for many outings and adventures to come. The best way to protect your special Saben is to use a protective spray: All bags, (whether they are suede or leather), need to be protected with a water proofer before use.

We recommend our Saben Total Protector Spray, this is an invisible waterproofing spray for all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers. To keep the protection going, re-apply protector every 3-4 weeks to keep the leather soft and resilient. 

Remember your leather shoes need love too! Give them a good spray after you’ve taken them out of the box and they’re ready to go!


General wear and tear is normal and to be expected for a product you use most days.

Your bag and wallet goes from home to work, you put it on, take it off, open her, close her, put her on the empty seat (never on the floor, ok sometimes the floor) out to brunch/lunch/dinner and a then maybe a festival or night out or two.

If your bags needs a bit of TLC beyond our care products, and is in need of a repair job - we'd love to help!

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