Inspired by the women who wear them

Saben is a leading luxury accessories brand, designed in New Zealand, known for their highly covetable collection of handbags, accessories and luggage.

Founded in 2002 by Roanne Jacobson, the Saben brand is named after Roanne's grandmother, Sarah Saben.

Where it all began

While working as an artist in New York, unable to find unique quality, handbags that had equal parts form and function, Roanne started designing her own. It was in her parents garage that the first Saben bag came to life.

Roanne is known for her individual sense of style and original interpretation of trends. Each season’s collection celebrates a narrative that is playful in concept, whilst each individual piece is serious in its execution. Every element and detail in a Saben design is deliberate and created with intent. The use of beautiful textured leathers coupled with intuitively functional design, make for pieces that are quintessential to easing the demands of every woman’s life. 

Having this deep understanding about the value of a handbag’s function, Roanne is able to design a carefully edited collection of coveted handbags and accessories. 

Responsibly Made

Continuing the journey to becoming a business which is mindful of their impact, each season a limited range is designed and created by hand. Roanne and her team are constantly assessing how their work can be done while keeping their impact minimal. Each season they strive to be a more social and environmentally conscious business.

By continuing to make incremental changes like switching to fully recyclable paper and packaging to biodegradable clay sachets instead of silica packs are just the start. For years now, the team have been working alongside local businesses who help ensure their bags live a long life: Their goal is to create pieces which remain a much loved treasure in your wardrobe for many years to come. 

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