Posted by Brooke Fairgray
Naughty Nuri’s is charmingly rude, the meat is so delicious it has to be bad for you and the martinis are lethal. The BQQ is on the street and if you are in the radius you are immediately sucked in by the sweet sweet scent of charred meat. The kind of aroma that is love at first whiff. The pork ribs are marinated in some sort of secret honey soy sauce from heaven served with fresh lime. Lime makes everything great. The hand cut potato chip wedges are just as naughty, as is the vodka based mint and lime cocktail called a naked shrek. On the menu the BBQ’d corn cob is named porn corn for a reason, see my picks below. The meal will have you smitten, grinning from ear to ear as you like your fingers. Inside the Naughty Nuri’s warung (street stall) is a foosball table, a library shelf for their book-swap and all kinds of rude piglet inspired ornaments. The staff are so friendly and cheeky and the martinis are so strong you can not help but want to stay and party. Our happy place.