Foureyes Interveiw

Your love for style began? Mino: I have loved anything and everything to do with clothing and accessories. I work in fashion and love the styling aspect of it; getting different pieces of clothing and putting it all together in an unexpected but functional way. Alex: I have always had an affinity for aesthetics, whether it be photography, clothing, architecture or people. Chin: With my first pay cheque. Danny: In high school, reading design & fashion magazines. Where did the inspiration to start Foureyes come from? We met through a mutual friend and got on really well. We had been thinking about doing our own blogs for a while and over a facebook chat one day it was mentioned and we decided it was something we could all do together. We also saw a bit of a gap in the New Zealand market for street style photographers and thought that New Zealanders would really appreciate seeing some street style of their own rather than always having to turn to international blogs for inspiration. What do you enjoy most about taking street style photos? Alex: I get a certain feeling when I see someone that I think looks amazing. It's a real buzz and it's addictive! Mino: Interacting with people and talking about their style. Chin: The serendipitous moment when someone striking crosses my path. Danny: The times when you spot something really different and unique that you've never seen before. What inspires your own style? Alex: I travel a bit for work and so travel is definitely something that inspires my own style as well as new collections, magazines and of course the people that we photograph. Mino: Magazines, fashion shows and meeting people in retail who have their own individual styles. Chin: Street style blogs. Danny: Blogs, the people we shoot, global fashion weeks (both for the shows and the street style)





What is the oldest most treasured item in your wardrobe? Mino: Vintage cystal necklace from a friend. Alex: A set of three gold rings my partner gave me. Chin: An oversized black T shirt by Chronicles of Never I bought about 4 years ago. Danny: Probably the black Chronicles of Never jeans that I practically live in. Your most recent purchase? Mino: A complexgeometries vest from The Darkroom Sale. Alex: A pair of seamless two-toned brown leather shoes I got on a recent trip to Delhi. Chin: A baggy white shirt by Jimmy D. Danny: Baggy black Maaike pants. And one on the wishlist? Alex: A suit from Crane Brothers. Mino: A Rick Owens jacket with awesome structured shoulders. Chin: Any jacket or coat from Lanvin's fall 2012 collection. Danny: A pair of Karen Walker Helter Skelter Crazy Tortoise sunglasses If you could raid ANYONES wardrobe, whose would it be? Alex: David Beckham Mino: Tom Ford Chin: Kanye West Danny: Francesco Cominelli After the collab with us, you worked with Kim Crawford over New Zealand Fashion Week , how did you find the projects? The best part about what we do is meeting new people. Although both projects had that in common, they were completely different in nature. Working on the street style shoot for the Saben catalogue was awesome because we got to see ALL the bags at once and used them to style outfits for the shoot... a very fun and intense day! Kim Crawford gave us the chance to access pretty much all the shows at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011 which was an unforgettable week (not to mention all that good wine!) Would you look for more collaborations in the future? We would love to! Our only limit is juggling our full time careers as a dentist, graphic designer, marketer and retail manager! Bring it on!