Posted by Brooke Fairgray


give the gift you would love to get

There are many ways to cross off a holiday gift list... we do quite love the ol’ one-for-me-one-for-you technique! So if while you are shopping for others, you spy a little somethin' somethin' that is perfect for you– don’t be afraid to leave some not-so subtle hints. But in the mean time, relish in spoiling your nearest & dearest with treats they might not usually indulge in themselves.
Spoil them with Saben
From top left: Neon Pink BFF Necklace, Black Tilly's Big Sis, Dirt Oskar
Orange Riley, Leopard with Studs Hero Wallet, Comeback Candy BFF Bracelet
Pink Tilly, Black polka studded Marley handbag, hand embroidered skull motif Caroline clutch