Posted by Brooke Fairgray
A given we don’t have the time to test out the 3 hour full body hot stone massage, but for a short and sweet session that will hit the spot – a crème bathe from Bodyworks in Seminyak, one of Bali’s most reputable and largest Day Spa’s, will hit the spot. It is a 45 minute treatment in which they work your head neck and shoulders until you are in a massage induced state of nirvana. On arrival your therapist takes you to the basin and shampoo your hair in cool water (a treat on its own in the Bali heat) The head massage whilst reclined at the basin is just the start, once in the chair they put a nourishing hair masque through your hair and go in for the pinnacle of paradise as they proceed to massage your head and neck working the pressure points and easing all aches and pains. All worries and stress is forgotten as they work down your shoulders, leaving your head under a steamer, they massage your arms kneading into your muscles and loosen the tension in your hands and fingers. I would suggest as soon as you land in Bali, make it through customs, dump your bags at your villa and get straight to Bodyworks for your first slice of Bali heaven; a crème bath. Images courtesy of Bodyworks body works matrix 4