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It's Baleeezy Baby

February 18, 2013 2 min read

back from bali header   The Saben office is having Bali withdrawals, and a serious bout of food depression... But we are back and ready to boast about the joys of working from Bali and brag about the fruits of our labour. (cue: The Saben winter collection!) Say ‘Bali’ and most people think paradise. There are stunning sunsets, perfect fruit blends and a temple on almost every corner. This steamy Indonesian island is a surfing hot spot and has a rollicking nightlife. Sure, it’s gotten pretty touristy, especially on the pub crawl along Kuta Beach, where beer-swilling Australians rule. But for Saben, Bali is seriously intense; It is about working, sourcing, meetings, decisions, emailing, spending, researching, darting here and zipping there. We are deep amongst the chaos. Decisions have to made fast, money is spent faster and we are totally immersed in the collection 24/7. Working from Bali has a set of challenges all of its own. BUT it is a dream job, and along the way we relish in pieces of the paradise, also known as #perksofthejob. 14 days to buy leather and do the quality control for Winter 13 production as well as sourcing new leather and developing the samples for the summer 13/14 collection. Totally consumed by the new range, we are literally living eating and breathing for the coming summer sample collection. Every ounce of caffeine, every pothole ridden drive, every thought in the humidity and chaos that is Bali is dedicated to the new range. We wake up and go flat tack until the evening cocktail – and even that is spent reflecting on the days events, pending decisions and perfecting the plan for tomorrows design venture. bali matrix 1 From the coffee to the cocktails, pedicures to pools we have done the research for you. And, as promised… here are the Best Of’s