We are in love with Ottoloom

Ottoloom was born out of a love for beautiful textiles that are both stylish and practical.

Sounds a bit like the love we have for leather textiles, and the obsession with small batches of handcrafted goodness! So naturally we have to know more.... Founder Anna Williams, thought Turkish pestamels sounded like the most fantastic practical and stylish product.  Past frustrations of trying to fit anything else in your travel bag aside from bulky beach towels, or fitting more than two towels in one washing load, or waiting forever for your towel to dry, or having to wash your towel to finally get the sand out of it, were at the top of Anna’s mind as she began researching about Turkish pestamels. A trip to Turkey to source pestamels proved more difficult than originally anticipated. Although many producers of pestamel claimed they were hand loomed, it turned out that most only had one or two styles that were hand loomed and the rest were factory made.  Quality was paramount, as was the desire to source something made the good old fashioned way – by hand.  Luck was at hand, at Anna’s last meeting she found what she was looking for, a beautiful range of ALL hand loomed towels, made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  At the first touch Anna knew these were better.  An absorbency comparison between a factory made and organic hand loomed towel also proved the latter to be superior.  A beautiful relationship was born.

Change is often not an easy thing to do. However, once you try an Ottoloom towel you will wish you’d discovered them years ago.

We can testament to that! Both Roanne and Brooke have updated their bath essentials - trading in the mass produced fluffy towels for Ottoloom classis, Cape Cod and MalibuweavesAnd are now converts for life! We LOVE Ottoloom's stunning design and easy care. Better yet gone are the days when i used to fuss over how the towels where folded, as the Ottoloom styles looked best effortlessy draped (thrown or strewn) on hooks, over the bath or on the rail. WE LOVE OTTOLOOM!!! See pics below and SHOP your styles HERE:  IMG_5513_1024x1024 slide2 slide3 slide4 STR1018_18_x_12_300dpi_1024x1024