July 25, 2018 2 min read

To describe Mandy in one word? Resourceful. The girl has hustle. She’s also ridiculously clever, funny-as-heck and annoyingly beautiful. And she can dress a space and take a snap as though she has studied interiors and photography. Despite her insanely busy life as owner/director of Noah and Bowie and mum’ing to two, plus one on the way, Mandy is an advocate for the practice of self-care. Understanding the value it brings to her world, we chat to Mandy about why she encourages you to take more time for yourself.

 Mandy Duncan wears Saben Lou handbag

Can you recall a specific moment when you realised looking after yourself became a priority?

Yes absolutely, it was a total shift in my mindset. When I realised that putting myself first meant I would have more in me to give to my husband and kids.

How has creating moments for yourself effected your relationship with your husband and your role as a mother?

Massively. I finally have patience. I always say you can’t pour from an empty cup. I was giving everything in me to those around me that I was left with absolutely nothing in my cup which meant I was stressed and tired and anxious. 

What words of comfort can you offer to ease the “guilt” that most women inevitably battle when they take time away from their hustle or families for themselves.

It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. As mothers it is our natural instinct to want to nurture and protect. By taking a moment for yourself it doesn't mean you're any less of a nurturer or protector. It just means you are nourishing your own soul, so you can give more to them. 

And the BEST part (we’ll be taking notes!) – tell us your favourite ways you take time for yourself (or to look after yourself)

The little ways: Literally just sitting on the couch with a coffee flicking through pinterest. Getting to the gym for 45 mins or going for a walk. (I need to practice what I preach right now haha) I loooove a hot bath with candles and beautiful bath bombs.

The luxurious ways:I am a sucker for a facial or massage, hitting the shops. I love food, so a yum lunch with some friends. Plan a mini vacay! 

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Mandy Duncan with her children Noah and Bowie for Saben

Mandy Duncan for Saben

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