Posted by Brooke Fairgray

Wife, homemaker, life and style blogger, and mumma bear to Houston Dax, (4 years) and Goldie Grace (4 months) shares with us what she loves most about being a parent - AND what is on her Mother's Day wish list.

Abby wears NEW style Frenchie in bubble black

Best part about being a mother: being able to be a kid again.
How you balance the "life and wife" parts vs the "mothering" part: husband who? Just joking is easy when you are married to your best friend we look at it as a team thing. always. I always like to think if our marriage is good then our kids will be good. So, we as a couple come first before the kids.
Favourite parenting advice you received:  Let your no's be no and your yes be yes.
What you didn't see coming: The amount of times I would say " because I said so" 
Values you want to instil in your children: To know their truth ALWAYS.
Tell us about your mum: She is the strongest woman I know. Complete rock star and conquers all with such grace. My hero.
Weekdays vs Weekend: Chaos vs Chaos 
Mother's day wish list: too big to list.... but one thing I am dying for is the Goddess bracelet from Zoe and Morgan in silver ( I pray Daniel is reading this)