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Meet Jordyn, founder of ‘Kiwi Birth Tales’ a podcast and Instagram account dedicated to sharing (and showing) the many diverse experiences of giving birth, and the postpartum journey.

Jordyn candidly shares her own experiences of motherhood with her community, raising two boys Jai and Ali. 

kiwi birth tales jordyn wearing saben leather handbag beatrice tan

Tell us about yourself, and some of the pivoting moments that made you the woman you are today…

I am Jordyn, I have two beautiful sons Jai who is 2 and Ali who is 6 months, and a gorgeous fiancé Joe, we live in Papamoa.

I can reflect on so many things that have contributed to where I am today but honestly becoming a Mother is without a doubt the biggest learning curve that has shaped me in the last 2-3 years.

I have completely shifted the way I view the world, what is important to me and what I want out of life - the main things being more time with my boys, less time behind a screen working for companies that have big wheels and keep turning with or without you, and also backing myself and the choices I am making, knowing I am always acting in a way that is going to benefit my family.

Joe and I also spent time living overseas in Australia and also in Italy so I think living in other countries gives you such a great perspective on other cultures as well as how wonderful NZ is! 

What does Motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood to me is the most important and privileged role I will ever have in my life, to me it means thinking with my family in mind, doing my best to raise lovers who are empathetic, kind and do their best, and just supporting my boys to be who they want to be.

I play the role of encouraging them to learn with an open mind and grow into the best humans they can be, I am so excited to watch them grow and change and learn. 

Saben mothers day campaign with jordyn kiwi birth talesTell us about your boys, and what it is like to raise them.

They are just the best! Jai who was 2 in December is the funniest person we know, he makes us laugh all the time and as his vocabulary grows we learn more and more about his personality and I feel so proud. He is sensitive, he has big emotions, he loves hard, he makes himself known in any room and he is building little friendships at day care which just makes my Mama heart MELT.

Ali is our chiller, he smiles at every person he sees, he follows his big brothers every move and he pretty much never cries, he is such a cool dude. I can already see a difference in our boys and their personalities, I am very aware Ali is not going to put up with his big brothers’ antics without retaliation for too much longer so I am going to need to add some conflict management skills to my parenting remit lol. 

I am so grateful to be their Mama, even on the hard days they are a millions times worth it and I wouldn't change them for the world. 

saben beatrice tan leather handbag worn by jordyn of kiwi birth tales

Tell us about them; What are they like, the things you cherish about them, the things that test you, and what they’ve taught you…

Sorry kind of answered this above! Let me know if you need more. 

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

If you left this world tomorrow, your workplace would replace you as soon as they could but your family would never be able to replace you. Don't be so busy making a living you forget to focus on making a life. 

What advice do you have to share with someone about to embark on their own journey into motherhood?

Take your time and be kind to yourself, there will be so many opinions thrown at you and it's okay to have your own way of doing things. Also invest in birth education!! I honestly believe having an informed knowledge toolkit going into birth makes all the difference and that was my inspo for creating Kiwi Birth Tales and the Your Birth Project online course! 

You have a beautiful podcast, ‘Kiwi Birth Tales’ tell us the inspiration behind wanting to share people’s magical moments bringing their babies earthside.

I have always been interested in birth but I don't have sisters and only a few of my friends had babies when I was thinking about that stage in my life, I loved podcasts and saw a gap in the market so I thought I would give it a go, fast forward 3 years and here we are!

I feel so so lucky that parents trust me with their stories each week and so proud of the platform and community this has become. 

Any words of wisdom for mamas out there who need to take time out for themselves. How to you ensure you’re feeling as good as can be?

I feel like this is such a constant battle and one I am still working on myself. But I do believe it's so important to do things that make you feel good and trying to prioritise those is where it starts.

Identify things that make you feel like you, outside of being a Mum and plan them into your week. I have also recently started meditating during the day and find this super helpful for my moods, little things like that which can be included easily in a routine are important.

We can't be our best self as a Mama if we aren't looking after her. 

Tell us about your own mama. What she means to you / what she has taught you. Do you see yourself in her?

Omg, my Mum is just the best person in the whole world. She is so caring, kind and loving she seriously doesn't have a bad bone in her body!

She has taught me so many things but I believe the biggest learning I have taken from her is her kindness, she leads with care and loves so hard on those around her and I want to always be like that too!

We could all use a bit more of this. I definitely see myself in her in so many ways and laugh when I catch myself doing something I would have teased her about, but if I am half the Mama she has been to my brother and I, I will be super proud. 

Robyn, What’s the thing you admire most about your daughter Jordyn?

We have a great relationship, she is thoughtful, caring and most of all a great mum to her two little boys, whom we all cherish. 

 saben mothers day campaign jordyn of kiwi birth tales

What do you love about your Frankie Bag?

I love the colour and the size, it's perfect for everyday

Jordyn, what do you love about your Bea Handbag?

The Bea Crossbody bag is the perfect size for taking out and about without needing a full handbag, I love the structure & couldn't go past the black. Love. 

Jordyn wears Beatrice Tan throughout and her Mum Robyn wears Frankie in Navy.

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