Since capturing our Mother‘s Day campaign, Sophie has been through some immensely personal challenges after suffering from a cerebellar stroke.

 At just 32 years old, the physical, mental and emotional effects have tested Soph - regaining muscle control, balance and learning how to walk are just part of her recovery process. Not being able to hold and cuddle her babies has been by far the biggest challenge to overcome. Sophie has shown the immense courage and resolve as her journey to recovery continues.

By her side throughout, is the steadfast support of her husband Matt. He, alongside girls Esme and Mackenzie, make up Sophie‘s world. We chat about how much she needs her village, right now.

Sophie clark wearing matilda bubble black handbag by saben

Sophie clark wearing matilda bubble black handbag by saben

What does motherhood mean to you?

 Motherhood means everything. I’d sell my soul for my girls.

I will never be able to put into words just how complete they make me feel. They really are my missing puzzle pieces and they bring me so much everyday joy. I feel very lucky to have two beautiful daughters. 

 What values do you hope to instil in your girls?

Beauty is from within. I want them to grow up to be kind and empathetic, to not be afraid to show their emotions and stand up for what they believe in. To know that their opinions are valid and their voice matters. Loyalty is important, strength will get them through a lot and honesty will always set them free. 

It takes a village to raise a family, who have you got in your corner?

This has never been more relevant to me than it is right now!

I recently suffered a stroke and oh my it has made me realise just how amazing my village is! In my corner I’ve got my in laws, couldn’t do mum life without them! My husband, friends that are family the list goes on.

In these hard times my friends really have come together, they’ve made a roster of who will come over and look after myself and the girls each day until I’m recovered. Blessed with the best.


Sophie clark wearing matilda bubble black handbag by saben

Sophie clark wearing matilda bubble black handbag by saben

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It’s not my business what others think of me.

What advice do you have to share with someone about to embark on their own journey into motherhood?

Tune out all of the noise. Everyone is so quick to tell you so many things you don’t need to know. All you need is what’s in you and once you have your baby everything just makes sense.

Why did you choose the Coco in Glacier as your next Saben bag?

I don’t think I even need to explain this decision, look at her! So stylish and the detail is divine.

When you know, you know, right? We couldn’t agree more, she’s a little stunner.

Sophie wears the Matilda in Black Bubble throughout.

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