June 12, 2018 2 min read

We catch up with self confessed beauty obsseive, and make up artist Fiona Goddard about navigating skin oils to nourish dry winter skin... If you and your skin are feeling the cold - take a read!

One thing I have noticed with the winter months, is the cold dries out my skin like no other! I love to slather on oil before bed and during the day if I’m having a no makeup day my skin feels more nourished and protected from the elements -

These are my TOP 5 PICKS:

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil - my favourite repairing oil! The scent is is really relaxing with the main ingredient being lavender essential oil which makes for a beautiful night time serum that works mostly on restoring the skins elasticity overnight waking up radiant and replenished. If you are after an anti ageing oil I would try this one!

Love Skin Oils Waiwai Face Serum - A gentle blend of certified organic botanical oils, If you have sensitive skin this will be your absolute hero!

This is my go to when I have eczema flare ups on my face and neck as it’s soothing and helps with inflammation What I love most is that it’s super nourishing yet sinks into the skin really well.

Tribeca Skin Tonics Glow Oil - My recent go to as this winter my skin has been the most dry it’s ever been! I highly suggest this oil if you are extra dry like me and are needing a real winter skin rescue, packed full of natural oils and essential lipids to restore the skin.

When I wake up after using this one at night my skin really does glow as the name suggests so a good one if you feel as though your skin looks dull

Mac Essential Oils - I quite enjoy adding a few drops of this into my foundation or massaging a small amount directly to bare skin before applying makeup as it wears really beautifully underneath and will add a nice amount of moisture and glow to your foundation if you feel your skin is looking dehydrated

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil - The cult favourite I will always go back to!

If you are someone who is concerned about skin texture issues this will really help solve that as it’s very conditioning, will soften and smooth the skin surface.

Highly concentrated so you don’t need a lot of this one

*my number one tip when using facial oils at night would be to apply to your skin at least an hour prior to going to bed, this gives your serum time to sink into the skin rather than giving your pillow all the TLC*

Fi xx

Beauty blogger Fiona Goddard with Saben maebelle crossbody handbag


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