Introducing 'WILD GARDEN' | Saben's Spring Summer Collection


For Saben founder and designer Roanne Jacobson, each season is an opportunity to create a new collection of leather handbags, wallets and accessories inspired by seasonal hues. We sit down with Roanne to discuss the upcoming launch of 'Wild Garden' and the ideas behind this collection which will be landing in-stores and online mid August.
"The beginning of a new season is a sacred time to pause, reflect and recalibrate for what's ahead. Spring welcomes the return of light and life as we return to nature and the anticipation of warmth with the approaching season" - Roanne Jacobson, Saben founder and Designer

 Wild Garden embodies the comforting effect nature has on us. Now more than ever we wanted to harness the calming effect nature has on the soul, looking inwards, taking time and shaking off the pressures of the world. The need to re-connect with our people and places while looking inward, we are reassured that the sun will continue to rise and the seasons continue to change.

The worlds of fashion, art and nature gently meld together as we wander through a Wild Garden discovering a hand picked palette of alabaster, clay, ivy, orchid and monarch. This combination of muted summery hues paired with earthy neutrals bring us into a nostalgic world. New season heroes Orchid and Monarch bring a vibrancy to the kaleidoscopic whirl of colour.

Part I of the Wild Garden collection will be available online and in store from August 18th. Part 2 coming soon. 

Shop the WILD GARDEN collection here. 

Saben black blaise handbag sitting amongst wild flower garden from the new collection

new saben orchid pink leather wallets and handbags sit on green background
new saben handbag coco in clay colour sitting in front of painting by carmel van der hoeven of turua gallery
saben leather handbag and wallet in ivy green infront of carmel van der hoeven
saben leather handbag malloy and coco
saben coco clay handbag and lyric wallet infront of carmel van der hoeven
Saben Mesh gym back hero and star made from nylon mesh
saben leather wallet in black and clay lyric
Shop the full WILD GARDEN collection here.