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Silly for Tilly

July 05, 2016 1 min read

Tilly is my official Bonnie on the side. She's the girl that gets me from A to B without letting me forget anything, how? Because she's just so organised!
In day to day life, Tilly's my all in one; sunnies, headphones, cards, cash, lip balm AND phone all fit her with ease. Yea, she cant fit in my pocket, but with the wrist strap- she is so easy to use hands-free.
Travelling? Tilly again has you covered- keep your cash and boarding pass in the center compartment which has the added security of an additional zip, and then use the card slots on either side for ID's or visa's. Add your normal bits and bobs as well as your phone charger, and well she may grow a little, she's still more then capable to fit it all in!


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