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Women in Business: Ashleigh Scott from The Facialist

To most, a facial is an opulent treat, and for others; a mandatory part of their health and skin care regime. No matter where you fall in the spectrum, a facial has the undeniable ability to bring you back to the present whilst nourishing one of the largest organs in your body. Your skin is a direct reflection of your health (diet, stress, lifestyle) and something Ashleigh Scott is innately passionate about.

Founder of The Facailist and Tribeca Skin Tonics, Ashleighs passion for skin health is evident, more-over, she has created a space for women to feel welcome and relaxed to re-center and assist in their health and skin care journey. It is a privilege to partner with Ashleigh for our Women in Business portrait series, as we chat about business, beauty, and taking care of the skin you're in... 

Ashleigh Scott The Facialist for Saben Women in Business portrait series

Can you give us the low down on your journey to date? (Where did you start and what has led you here.)

I started working as a beauty therapist in Auckland – I did all treatments from waxing to nails to facials and even more invasive treatments like laser and peels! I moved to London and worked there for a couple of years where I got to experience a different side to the beauty industry. When I moved home I couldn’t go back into a job like I had before I went to London, so I created a job for myself. I started by renting a small studio underneath a hair salon. I was only there a couple of months before leasing a space in City Works Depot. I slowly built the salon, trained and hired a few staff and then last year moved into a bigger space in City Works.

Tell us more about The Facialist

The Facialist is a boutique facial spa. We follow a holistic philosophy and use all natural and organic skincare. Our philosophy is about working with the skin – feeding it with the best plant botanicals to get it functioning healthily and glowing. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or machines; our facials are purely massage based. We also treat the body through our bespoke massages.

Are you seeing more customers for ‘treats’ or those on greater skin journey?

Both! We have a loyal following of regular clients, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their skin goals. Equally we love treats! We sell a lot of vouchers, it’s the best gift you can give somebody!

You focus on experience just as much as the treatments being provided. How important is offering a relaxing and indulgent experience to you?

SO important. I think the overall experience is just as (if not more) important as the treatment itself. From the beautiful space you walk into, the smells, the music, the heated beds and heavy duvet to the treats you get after your treatment whilst relaxing in our lounge. Its so important for me to create a space where people can come and escape daily life and indulge their senses.

What is your fave treatment?

The Yoga Facial! This is a facial I created exclusively for The Facialist. Its an intensive facial massage that works to lift and tone facial muscles, boost circulation, detoxify and brighten the skin. It’s like a gym workout for your face!

What is the best part about your job

OMG! I just love the variety of it. One day I’m in the salon working on clients, another day I’m in our production kitchen making product or training our staff or other clinics, or spending all day packing orders and doing mindless admin tasks. I never get bored of any of them because every day is so different. I love that!

Starting your own business is major! What gave you the courage to go out and make it happen?

I was young and I had nothing to lose so it didn’t feel that major at the time! Now I don’t know how I had the guts to start this, I was only 23!!! But like I said above, there were no jobs for me back in Auckland so I felt my only option was to create a job for myself.

Where did the inspo for Tribeca Skin Tonics stem from?

I started by mixing a few products for my regular clients both for in-treatments and for them to use at home. It felt like I was onto something, I couldn’t find another product one the market to fill this need so I decided to put a label on it and turn it into a brand! It has evolved so much since I started, and I am so excited about where it’s going. We’re working on some really exciting products at the moment!!

Do you have an absolute favourite product within the range?

I love them all! But my number one product is Glow. It’s such a beautiful nourishing oil that’s perfect for all skins, it really does make your skin GLOW!

In your time as a beauty therapist have attitudes to skin care, appearance medicine and cosmetic surgery changed very much?

So much. It’s an ever-changing industry. I have really tried to not follow the trends as I believe it’s really important to following your intuition and philosophy. Its so easy to get caught up in hype and the excitment of a new innovation and lose sight of what is true to your philosophy and brand.

There is an English proverb: “Beauty is only skin deep” What is your take on this?

I may be swaying from the direct meaning of this proverb but I see it literally - the way that we look at the skin and what is happening on the surface of the skin is a direct reflection on the gut and what is happening internally. That’s why it is so important to treat skin holistically.

What is your daily skin care regime?

I am very low maintenance. I don’t believe it a lot of fuss – I follow a minimalist philosophy in many areas of my life, but also with my skincare. In the morning I soak my skin with water, followed by a hydrating mist, serum and my Tribeca oil. In the evening I cleanse with an oil or cream cleanser and do the same again.

We know that our eating habits (among other things) can affect our skin, what are some foods that are great for your skin?

The vital nutrients for skin health are zinc, vitamin c, vitamin a, b complex, essential fatty acids and water.  Many of these nutrients you can get from food, but some you do need to supplement for in order to get adequate amounts. Zinc for example is near imporrible to get through diet so most people will need a supplement.

And what about food to avoid?

Foods that congest the skin are things like chocolate, cheese, ice cream, cream  (any full cream dairy products), meats high in saturated fat (esp mince and sausages), fried foods and takeaways, peanuts and peanut butter and protein powders and drinks.  Foods that are inflammatory to the skin are caffeine, alcohol, oranges and strawberries. If you suffer from and skin conditions it is important to avoid these foods.

Advice for people battling skin issues?

Too many, I don’t know where to begin. Each skin issue is very different but mainly I would say look at what’s going on inside the body. So many skin issues stem from an internal imbalance and just treating topically isn’t enough.

Skin care tips and tricks?

My favourite is cleansing - always double cleanse in the evening and don’t cleanse in the morning. Also apply serums and moisturisers directly onto damp skin for deeper hydration.

Our latest collection is inspired by the journey to find time. Time, space and mindfulness as the ultimate luxury. We love that this is intuitively part of The Facialist experience. Such a treat to have you be part of our Women in Business portrait series. Thank you so much.

We can’t help but be inspired by your style along the way. What drew you to the Milly handbag? Are you enjoying wearing it?

I love it! I try to follow a minimilist philsophy in my life but I tend to always carry so much crap around with me! Milly is the perfect size that I can fit everything I need but not so big I throw the kitchen sink into! I also love that I can wear it cross body so when I’m running around its so easy. I’ve been using it everyday lately and it was great when I was travelling the other week.

Ashleigh Scott from The Facialist for Saben Women in Business portrait series



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*conditions apply, head in store 133 Ponsonby Rd for more details

Ashleigh Scott The Facialist for Saben Women in Business portrait series