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There is something magic about Rose Rowan, we adore her ability to create heart-expanding beauty through her floral artistry. We were so fortunate to collaborate with Rose on the image series in celebration of the recent arrival of our ‘To Have And To Hold’ Collection. Rose has a deep understanding of the vibrancy and subtly of colour, paired with her intuitive touch, enchanting presence, and strong sense of style we couldn’t help but be inspired along the way. It’s a privilege to feature Rose on the blog to chat about blooms, business and going your own way.

Rose Rowan of Blossom and Wild Interview

Share a little bit about yourself, your background and what led you to start Blossom and Wild

I always say, I didn’t choose to do flowers, the flowers picked me. After years of study and working in mental health and creative therapies, I had a baby and I wanted flexibility in my work to be there for her when she was young. I had done the flowers for my own wedding and people started coming to me asking if I would do flowers for them...and it literally grew organically from there (so many flower puns ppl). My art direction work is something that has grown out of the flowers, and my desire to create my own imagery. 

We are so impressed by your many collaborations, where do you find your creative inspiration and how do you maintain it?

I often find my creative inspiration in the shower, lol. But it’s usually a culmination of elements that I've pulled from music, art or the fashion world. I have realised that I have a deep desire to create, so maintaining the creative flow is no issue, creativity is endless. 

Perks of collaboration?

Creative collaboration is the goat. It’s magic to witness a team bringing a vision to life. The connections you make, the fun you have, and the beauty you create. Flower-gasims all round people!

Best part of working with flowers? / Best part of the job?

People, and even myself sometimes forget about the power of beauty and nature, and it’s effect on our wellbeing. Flowers and nature are good for you. Being able to collaborate with flowers to create beauty is divine. Additionally, being able to surprise and delight people with the power of beauty feels pretty juicy. 

Can you share a little bit about a stand-out project (a fave, or maybe the one you learned most from?)

I love a destination wedding/project. So, I was stoked to be asked to go to the Gold Coast and create an “enchanted fairy wonderland” in my clients little forest, for her wedding. We dripped florals all through the trees, made mossy mushroom patches encrusted with crystals. And she had her horses and ponies amongst the florals in her enchanted forest. Her guests walked through the forest, into the enchanted glade. Creating this magical experience for her and her guests was so much fun. 

Congratulations on your first workshop! We SO wanted to be there, will you be doing another? AND could you share one or two of your favourite tips and tricks when it comes to arranging flowers at home?

There will always be another workshop. I teach dried florals, fresh florals and flower crowns. Pro tip would be. Pick that flower on her walk and put it in a vase when you get home. There can be such beauty in one stem. 

What has 2020 taught you, and what conversations do you wish we were having more of?

The mahi has only really just begun in terms of equality and justice in this world. We need to keep the korero open, listen, empathise, and make changes. 

As a business owner, creative and mother, among other things; how do you manage your time?

When I have weddings. Events or photo shoots, have to be “on” …aside from that I am working around school pick-ups and drop offs. So, I manage my time and energy intuitively. I’m mindful that many people in this industry burn out. So, for me, I tune into my to do list as well as my body. If I need to take a nap on a Monday at 1pm, I do...additionally if I have to work until midnight after putting her down, I have the flexibility to do that with my home studio. 

How would you describe your personal style? Has it evolved over time, if so – how?

I look back on some of the things I used to wear in art school and deeply cringe. So I would hope my style has evolved. I think I have always been bold, and worn what lights me up. Now I wear items that evoke an energy in me, that make me feel powerful, playful, feminine and confident. 

You sure know how to rock a bum-bag!! What do you look for in your handbag or accessories?

Love a fanny pack, otherwise I would never find my keys. When looking for handbags, I am drawn to unusual shapes, as well as beautiful neutral colours. I love your new “clay” range and your blushy pinks, and whites. 

What is your Saben style? Either now, or on your wish-list and why.

It is really hard to pick a fave Saben handbag, but I’ve got my eye on the Clay Carter tote, as well as the  beautiful dusty rose luggage for my future destination weddings/projects.

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rose from blossom and wild interview with saben

rose from blossom and wild interview with sabenrose from blossom and wild interview with sabenrose from blossom and wild interview with saben

rose from blossom and wild interview with saben

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