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It’s all about clean hands and cool handbags...

Oh hi! Thanks for stopping by, it means the world to us! Thinking of making a purchase? Please do! Just note, shipping will be delayed, until it is safe to do so. As a non-essential business it is paramount we alleviate the load on our courier drives as they deliver food and pharmaceutical supplies to those who need it most. Your order will be sent at the end of April, or once the government declares we are in Covid-19 level-3 and ends the lock-down period.

In the interim - Here’s a few reasons to assure you it is still safe to shop:

With compliments: We have free shipping and free returns!! Well, we always have. Just never sung it from the roof tops – now seems like a good time to remind you. Making it easier for you to shop from the comforts of home. With flexible returns now extended until 30 days from its arrival.

Saben HQ: Something you may not know is our HQ, is actually part of our founder’s home. All the magic happens in Roanne’s downstairs office/showroom/online-warehouse conversion! - Sure makes that morning commute easy. The perks of self-isolating at home amongst the office and all our new season styles is not lost on us. So make your purchase, and you can sleep easy knowing Roanne will lovingly pack it up (while in isolation) and send it your way once we get the all clear.

Our packaging for your protection: In our standard order-packing procedure we’d usually prep your handbag, give it a once-over and place it inside a dust cover. You can open your parcel, pluck it out and it’s ready-to-wear. Our revised strategy is to leave your new handbag in it’s protective packaging, straight from production, so you can open it with the comfort  of knowing your new handbag has not be touched.

Couriers: Just a reminder couriers are prioritising the essentials, while your new handbag is a pretty big deal; please be patient awaiting it’s arrival over this lockdown period. Your online orders pass through many hands between our door and yours, so remember you to wash your hands after you receive your parcel. That really is the overarching theme #keepcalmandwashyourhands

We’re in this together: Calm is contagious too. Small acts of love will champion our resolution. As we slow down and mother earth heals, people will too. We will get through this together.

Sending love, support and wellness to you and yours. AND enjoy your new handbag or wallet. (get both!)

With love, Saben team x