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Giveback Program - The Fine Print and your FAQ's


How do I put my bag into the Saben Giveback Program?

It’s easy - fill in the form on our Giveback page and let us know you have a bag you would like to submit for the Giveback Program. Make sure you include photos of the bag you’re submitting, without photos, we can’t accept your bag.

How will I know my bag is accepted into the Giveback Program?

When team receive the form with the photo of the bag you’re submitting, they will let you know if your bag has been accepted into the Giveback Program. If it’s accepted, our team will confirm via email and send you a unique Saben Giveback returns number. You will need this number when your return your bag to us. Without this number, we won’t know who sent in the bag and will be unable to create your $50 Saben spend.

Where do I send my bag when I’ve received my unique giveback number?

Please send it to: Saben Giveback Scheme, Unit 11, 16-18 Taylors Road, Morningside, Auckland, 1025

Can I drop my bag at my local Saben boutique?

Yes absolutely (we’d love to see you!), you can drop it at our Ponsonby or Newmarket boutiques. If you drop your bag at one of these locations, please make sure your contact details AND your unique returns number are written down and attached to the bag (on a piece of paper stowed inside the bag).

When will I get my Saben gift voucher?

When our Giveback team receive your bag at HQ, they will email you your $50 Saben Spend in the form of a digital voucher.

When can I use my Saben Spend?

As soon as you receive it! Happy Shopping!

Where can I use my Saben Spend?

You can spend it online at and at our Ponsonby or Newmarket boutiques.

What if my bag isn’t accepted into the Giveback Program? 

If your bag isn’t in a condition that we feel we can sell at our Archive Sale (hey, we get it, our bags are used day in, day out and over the years, they can start looking very well worn). If this is the case with your bag, we thank you for wanting to be involved in our Giveback Program but your bag won’t be accepted if it’s not in a quality resalable condition.

What happens to my bag after it goes to Saben Giveback HQ?

It will be priced, and stored until our Archive Sale on November 19th where it will be available for purchase by a lucky lucky customer, and the money donated to charity.

What happens to the money from the sale of my bag?

All the money from our Giveback Scheme will be donated to charity.

What happens if my bag doesn’t sell at the Archive Sale.

We will donate it to one of our charity partners like Dress For Success or Women’s Refuge.

How long does the Saben Giveback Program run for?

It opens on October 1st and you have until October 31st to send your bag to the Giveback Scheme. After that date, we can’t accept any more submissions until the following year.

Which charity are you donating the profits to?

We’re letting our community choose - you'll see a poll go out on social media before the sample sale, and we will update this page.


Terms and Conditions of the Giveback Program

Acceptance of product into the Saben Giveback Program is at the discretion of Saben. In order for a bag to be accepted, it must be in saleable condition, or able to be on sold after minor repairs and refurbishment.

By submitting a bag to Saben, you agree that if accepted, the bag will be on-sold at Saben’s annual archive sale, with 100% of the sale donated to charity. One your Saben piece is accepted into the Giveback Program, you will be gifted a $50 Saben digital gift voucher. This voucher is redeemable at Saben Ponsonby, Saben Newmarket or online at Not to be exchanged for cash.

If the bag is not accepted into the Saben Giveback Program, no voucher will be given.

Shipping bags to Saben for resale is at the responsibility and cost of the owner. Bags are be sent to: Saben Giveback Scheme, Unit 11, 16-18 Taylors Road, Morningside, Auckland, 1025.

All bags accepted into the Giveback Program will be on sold at the Saben Archive Sale on November 19th, 2022 and the profits donated to our annual charity of choice.