Needs and Wants! (for mumabear)

November 22, 2011 1 min read

It gets a little harder here. I want a gift that lets her know how loved and cherished she is, and how grateful I am to have a mum like her. A gift that not only says "Merry Christmas", but more importantly "I am sorry for all those times I have been a brat this year" Something she wouldn't buy for herself.... Ecoya you good thing! A long burning yummy smelling candle is so luxe. For the mum who doesn't buy candles (out of guilt she should be spending the money elsewhere) or the mum who collects them (something like a crazy catlady fetish - but the candle version)  The delish range from Ecoya is aroma-heaven. Even when they are not burning - the soya wax will still give off delicatley uplifting (insert fragrance here) flavours.

So hard to choose between Frech Pear

And Sweetpea and Jasmine

Available from any Redcurrent, Curate Fashion Gallery in Britomart, new and ofcourse at  Kindest, Brooke xx

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