Posted by Brooke Fairgray
Madeleine Harman is one to watch. Even after two weeks of no sleep working out the final finishes of her graduating collection before it’s catwalk debut this Saturday, she looks stunning. She has the time to speak with me and is incredibly humble and appreciative when I tell her how impressive and cohesive her beautiful Winter 12 collection is. Bones is subtle yet exquisite. Inspired by the intricacies of the human body. References to the skin, the brain, the heart and the lungs are apparent in the sheer garments set with loosely hand embroidered organs and the use of loose fibres such as delicate muslin. Harman’s talent is undeniable. The muted colour palette is harmonious and impeccably tailored. with shocks of scarlet red and patched protrusions applied to body conscious pieces which bring the form beneath to life. Tea dyed silk, muslin and wool is manipulated with dried lengths of house paint stitched into second ‘skins’. The skins have a satirical relationship with the use of leather; Which is were renowned accessories label Saben come to play. Harman was selected as the winner of a design collaboration with Saben, in which she bought forward her collection and ideas working with Roanne and Sherna from Saben to design a piece that resonated with her collection narrative. Like the house paint as cloth, Harman took a novel approach to the design and shed handbag function right back to the core and imitated her design from a classic paper bag. Brilliantly executed by Saben in a bone, painterly textured leather and lined with a crisp white suede. Like the rest of her collection the bag blurs the line between fashion and art. Nothing is left unthought of. With integrity like no other – I hope to see her after Saturdays show so she can take my orders! Model: Anmari Both @ Red11, Photographer: Danelle Bohane, Make-up and Hair: Joanna Overall.