• David Jones Wellington: Our Lastest Saben Stockist!

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    What a busy week it's been here at Saben HQ! But it has all been worth it- as seen our snapchat (@sabennz) and instagram; we are now stocked at David Jones Wellington! (did the title give it away?).
    Mama Saben was down there for the grande opening and stayed at the Museum Hotel (which she hasn't stopped raving about), and so I hit her up for a pop quiz about the night!
    Ok, Museum Hotel; why was it sooo fabulous?
    "What's not to love about being surrounded by fabulous art? It's all in the details at the Museum Hotel- the Nespresso coffee machines in every room, the waterfall showers, plentiful towels, and a bed big enough for goldilocks!".
    Sounds divine! Did you have a favourite piece of art?
    "Yes, although I'm slightly biased as a few of the pieces hung in my parents' house for years".
    Now to the night; what made you pick the new Big Sis Tilly in natural croc?
    "I needed a clutch but I wanted a slightly bigger one.. Big Sis Tilly was the answer but it was a difficult choice between the geometric print Big Sis Tilly and the new natural croc, I went with the natural one in the end as she is the ultimate in luxe".
    What do you think of the new department store? We in Auckland are dying to hear about it!
    "A M A Z I N G, they have done a wonderful job of reinventing the space but keeping the character. The products, the displays, the finishing's and even the staff are so glamorous that you fell glamorous just walking around the space".
    I can't wait to see it! Ok last question, apart from Saben, was there a brand you were really excited to see?
    "Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Chloe to name a few!".
    I don't know about you, but I'm sure hoping on the next flight down- it just sounds so lush!
    As you all know, we are big on Saben Love so if your around, pop in and have a play with the latest season and don't be afraid to #sabenlove and #meandmysaben because we just love seeing it!
    Shop BST natural croc here
  • Silly for Tilly

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    Tilly is my official Bonnie on the side. She's the girl that gets me from A to B without letting me forget anything, how? Because she's just so organised!
    In day to day life, Tilly's my all in one; sunnies, headphones, cards, cash, lip balm AND phone all fit her with ease. Yea, she cant fit in my pocket, but with the wrist strap- she is so easy to use hands-free.
    Travelling? Tilly again has you covered- keep your cash and boarding pass in the center compartment which has the added security of an additional zip, and then use the card slots on either side for ID's or visa's. Add your normal bits and bobs as well as your phone charger, and well she may grow a little, she's still more then capable to fit it all in!


    Shop Tilly here

  • #briefcasebliss: The 101 Guide

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    Mama Saben has done it again, in three words; Briefcase On Point. With the both the sabenettes and sabenetteboymen rejoicing we now have the new briefcases in store and online.
    Our wish is it's command as it features an abundance of perks; laptop compartment? check, Room for the paper work? check, sleeve to pop over the suitcase handle? check, small secret pocket for passport or phone? check. This is not even mentioning the detachable should/cross bod strap casually modeled by yours truly above.
    In all honestly, the briefcase is just an excellent all rounder, whether it's taking you to the office, or out for a business lunch our briefcase is the briefcase for you. 
    And Mama Saben has been kind enough to put one forward for a giveaway, enter here!
  • Obsessing over Oskar

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    So Oskar has arrived in the Ponsonby Store, and to put it frank- he is my new obsession. To the point of which I am considering in getting him in both black AND tan! -hey there are worse things to be obsessed over right?!
    The hardest part is where to start with this delectable addition to our gender neutral collection.. The leather is as soft velvet, the main cavity fits a laptop and folder.. as well as all the extra stuff I never use but pop in my varsity bag anyway. His second, smaller compartment is ideal for the items you need easy access to, oh and he he looks good parked up above your hip, or slung below it, or even cross body- yes versatility it seems is Oskar's middle name.
    Whether it's varsity, work or play- Oskar will get you there safely and stylishly.
    Shop Oskar here.
  • Tilly'll do the trick for a Taupo Trip

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    So I got to have another cheeky getaway this past weekend- not as tropical as Bali but Taupo certainly did a good job with the whole R&R situation.
    And as with any trip the sabenettes or I have, a Saben bag is always only an arms length away! #tinytilly is definitely my top pick for anything short and sweet. 
    She holds literally everything, from sunglasses to lip balm to, yes you did see correctly.. an emergency bar of chocolate... for emergency use only... ok, maybe not but it's a holiday so the calories don't count! 
    Her constructed interior totally helps to organise the chaos which would normally be dispersed between my pockets and saves you on both time and that heart-dropping moment when you think you've left your wallet somewhere!
    Shop for Tilly here.