Our B-Corp Journey

In 2023 we began our journey to becoming a certified B-Corporation.

Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B-Corp measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

We align with the B-Corp mission that business can be a force for good, and not mutually exclusive.

To achieve B-corp certification a business must score 80 points across five areas (on average most businesses score 50 points). We look forward to updating you with our progress later this year.

Slow Fashion

We believe in slow fashion and we know good things take time. To reduce our carbon footprint, wherever possible we opt to use sea freight, over air-freight. This process actively slows down the arrival of new products, and slows down the fashion calendar.

As part of our B-Corp certification we will be measuring our current impact and looking at ways to reduce it.

Seasonless Pieces

Design is not only an act of creativity and expression, it also has a role to play when it comes to circularity. We create a core permanent collection of modern pieces that exemplify our design philosophy. We ignore fast fashion trends and enable fresh inspiration to come from limited edition runs of exclusive colours and styles.

Waste not, want not

There is a saying we live by which is “waste is a design flaw.” We consciously use off-cuts and smaller pieces of leather to create leather pulls, zip tabs, and small goods like Winona.

In 2019 Saben began making bags from Recycled Leather as part of an effort to reduce waste and use technology to create new products.

Recycled leather is created through an innovative upcycling process. Industrial leather glove offcuts are ground down and then combined with a natural binding agent sourced from rubber trees to produce a high-quality, supple, second-generation material. We use leather offcuts repurposed into certified Recycled Leather.

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